Never forget

Never forget the past history of WW2.

Adults and children were murdered because they belonged to a different religion and human race.

We must not allow this to be repeated, stop Nazism!


Country in depression, nation in despair
One man seeking reasons everywhere
Growing hate and anger, the Führers orders were precise
Who was to be blamed and pay the price

Wicked propaganda turning neighbours into foes
Soldiers of the Third Reich searching homes
And then their former friends are watching as they are round up one by one
Times of persecution has just begun

Ever since it started on Kristallnacht ’38
When liberty died and truth was denied
Sent away on trains, sent on a one way trip to hell
Enter the gates, Auschwitz awaits

When freedom burns, the final solution
Dreams fade away and all hope turns to dust
When millions burn, the curtain has fallen
Lost to the world as they perish in flames

There was a country in depression, there was a nation in despair
One man finding reasons everywhere
Then there was rising hate and anger, the Führers order still apply
Who was to be blamed and sent to die

Source: Sabaton

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