Genocide against Serbs committed by the Independent State of Croatia (NDH) – the Day of Remembrance

Throughout their historical journey spanning over a millennium on these lands, the Serbian people have experienced a tumultuous and often tragic history, punctuated by both triumphs and hardships. Yet, the genocide perpetrated by the Independent State of Croatia, where nearly two million Serbs, along with Jewish and Roma people, were targeted for annihilation, horrifyingly looms above all previous experiences. This biblical-scale tragedy has had a profound impact on the consciousness and outlook of the Serbian people towards life leaving an indelible mark on their collective memory. On this twenty second day of April, we commemorate the 78th anniversary of the breakout of the last surviving inmates from the Jasenovac death camp. This heroic act of self-liberation by those who were determined to turn the tide against the evil that had engulfed them will be etched in our collective memory forever. The emergence of the Republic of Srpska echoed the resounding message of ‘NEVER AGAIN’ in response to any acts of genocide committed against Serbs and attempts to degrade and destroy the Serbian people as a whole. Today, the Republic of Srpska serves as a guarantor of our survival, both biological and otherwise. The phrase ‘NEVER AGAIN’ signifies a staunch stance and unwavering awareness, and when spoken in Donja Gradina, it becomes an impregnable shield protecting the core of our ancestral identity.

Source: CSPR Republic of Srpska

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